BELWEST is a Belarusian-Russian brand of women's and men 's shoes, located in the cities of Minsk and Moscow.

Favorable price, a large selection of shoes

BELWEST - a brand of women's clothing was founded back in 1988, during which time the company has grown decently and knows exactly what customers like. BELWEST today is a full-cycle high-tech enterprise that combines: production facilities for the production of women's and men's shoes made of genuine leather. The company tries to please its customers as best as possible, so it uses only the highest quality materials and accessories for a reasonable price.

With the first released pair, the BELWEST brand has won the hearts of people. The whole path of the factory's development was revolutionary in the shoe industry, because from the very birth the company used advanced world technologies and unique knowledge necessary for the production of comfortable and high-quality high-class shoes. On the store's website you can find:

* shoes and sandals

* sports sneakers and running shoes

* boots and half boots

By purchasing BELWEST shoes, you have the opportunity to save your money, because the wholesale purchase function, which is on the website, contributes to this. Wholesale allows not only to buy things cheaper, and without intermediaries, but also to adjust the conditions of subsequent deliveries for the development of partnerships. BELWEST will provide partners with the opportunity to build their successful business based on experience and developments in the field of clothing creation.

Where to order shoes from BELWEST?

BELWEST is a Belarusian brand that combines the traditions of shoe craftsmanship and German quality standards. Genuine leather, excellent fittings and high-quality work - this is exactly about the BELWEST company. The collections feature items of various prints and bright colors. Affordable prices and excellent quality bring the brand great popularity. The BELWEST brand values its customers very much and tries to make its products better for them every day.

You can purchase products in the manufacturer's online store, his contact information is available below.

  • +375 212 49-11-88;+375 29 899-11-88

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