5.3 Mission

5.3 Mission

Online store 5.3 Mission.com it is the official website of the manufacturer of women's clothing TM "5.3 Mission".

The trademark "5.3 Mission" is an officially registered brand located in Ukraine (Kharkiv).

5.3 Mission is one of the first-class sewing industries in the eastern region of Ukraine. Perfectly knowing the markets of Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, understanding the tastes and requests of its customers, 5.3 Mission relies on uncompromising quality, trendiness and a unique (among other manufacturers) pricing policy.

5.3 Mission product purchase is an opportunity to purchase wholesale lots of goods without colossal markups and avoiding numerous intermediaries, as well as to have direct communication with the manufacturer. Direct communication with the production allows you to develop an individual scheme of cooperation and adjust the conditions of subsequent deliveries for the development of partnerships.

For a woman, clothes are the surest way of self-expression and the personification of her lifestyle. It is not the hairstyle or makeup that creates the mood, focuses on individuality, namely the outfit that the woman wore today.The Ukrainian manufacturer 5.3 Mission creates exactly such clothes:

  • ethereal blouses or airy dresses
  • classic trousers with arrows or creative sweatshirts
  • suit jackets or elongated silk cardigans
Each element of the "ready to wear" collections from the manufacturer 5.3 Mission, motivates a woman to feel special every day. To do this, the manufacturer inherits hot trends in fashion and integrates them into its collections, adding an attractive pricing policy and uncompromising quality.

  • +38 067 790-55-56; +38 093 125-00-87
  • info@53mission.com
  • https://53mission.com

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